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The beta version of MudSlinger software has been released.  The final date for release is expected by the end of August.  The software is available free to all present customers.

MudSlinger version 1.0 is written using MS Visual Foxpro, the most powerful database software for PCs.  The software works seemlessly with other MS products, including MS Word, Excel, and Outlook Express.


MudSlinger Software is a company dedicated to creating software solutions to help candidates manage their campaigns more effeciently.  With our program, PC and/or Web based, you can effectively manage donors, expenditures, voters, and volunteers.  MudSlinger Software is an approved vendor for FEC filing and has many state reporting capabilities too.  The software allows you to easily reach the voters and supporters essential to winning an election.
New Upgrade Available
 August 15, 2018

All congressional candidates should download this upgrade. Also, be sure to change Destination Host to disclose.fec.gov.
The new upgradeis now available due to changes effective on October 3.  The upgrade is due to development changes by the FEC.  The changes are merely cosmetic.  However, every computer will need to have Java, version 5 or higher,  loaded on their machine.  The latest version of Java can be downloaded here - http://www.java.com/en/download
Click Here to download the latetest version of the FEC Filer if you already have The FEC Filer.  Save this file (newupgrade.zip) to your campaign directory.  Run the newupgrade program.  This will uncompress the files necessary to upgrade to the latest version of the FEC Filer.  (Total file size 1.4 KB.)
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Contact Information:
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Boyd Reilly boydreilly@erols.com 301-801-2245

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